Hey, CMOs! What is your CX Superpower?

CX Superpowers is a series of events that bring together some of the best brands in India. They showcase what makes people tick and how brands stay ahead of their customer’s buying journey. We have invited some of India’s leading CMOs and marketers to share their insights on how they are winning in 2023.

The agenda includes:
- The CX Superpower brand - what are they doing differently than others? What is it about them that makes them stand out? Do you have one? How do you use it? How can you use it better? What is your future vision if you don’t have one yet?
- Winning in 2023 – what trends should brands follow as we head into next year? How can CMOs succeed at scale? What channels should they focus on for 2023?

Five Superpowers. One goal: Insanely great customer experience

We believe all companies have the potential to use these five SuperPowers actions – Surprise,Unique, Personalised, Engaging and Repeatable experiences – to win over customers and create loyal fans. Our mission is to find out how brands use the CX SuperPowers in their marketing efforts and help them continue doing so in a way that provides value for both customers and brands.

Brandmasters. Superheros.

One day, one venue, and one theme will have you under one roof, At First in Delhi for an epic breakfast, followed by an encore in Mumbai for the after-hours. DMA Brandmasters is all about the luminaries of marketing. And who better to learn from than the most talented marketers themselves? The who's who of marketing is coming together under one roof to discuss the trends that will make or break brands in 2023.

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MessageBird aims building a world where communicating with a business is as easy andnatural as talking to a friend. This vision resonates with DMA Brandmasters purpose ofempowering CMOs to do more for their brands. Delighted to have the MessageBird for beingwonderful hosts to this CX Superpowers endeavour.

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Are you ready to #SoarHigher? Spread your wings and take flight with DMAasia Brand Trail CX Superpowers!

Screech. Tweet. Buzz.

We’ve gathered some of the industry’s top marketing voices, to discuss how they use Superpowers, what trends they are following and how they will make a difference.

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